A Sacred Gathering of Wisdom: Opening ourselves to the magic & mystery of that which lies beyond….

Dates: 26th – 28th September 2023
Pebble Ledge Ranch,
Cleveland, Ohio, US

Let yourself be embraced and held in a heart centred, safe community.

Together we will:

Harvest insights from the past

Sense into what life wants from you now

Tune into the potential that wants to emerge through you

This highly experiential workshop is designed for those that are ready to prioritise reflection and to sense into what matters most as they listen to the wisdom from within.

Over the course of a spacious 2.5 days, we’ll allow ourselves to be guided by nature, our inner wisdom and the wider ecosystem.

Entering the silent and sacred realm of the natural world, we will create a container for curiosity to flow and the magic to unfold.

Wisdom Retreat
Wisdom Retreat - Reflection in the Woods

We will learn from ancient indigenous practices and gather as a community around the campfire, we'll work in small groups, whilst also creating space for deep reflection so that we can courageously listen out for what life wants from us now.

Through an emergent process of sensing and paying attention to what needs to be looked at, we will gather our wisdom and create a courageous space to cultivate the best possible conditions for breakthroughs.

Join us in A Sacred Gathering of Wisdom to:

Strengthen your awareness and ability to be fully present, resilient, and resourceful during chaos, stress, and uncertainty

Identify and release any limiting patterns that may inhibit the life energy & vitality that wants to flow through you

Amplify your sensing of what the systems you inhabit need, rather than what you need from them – building your capability to tune in and shift your focus 180 degrees

Expand your capacity for and your confidence in, your inner knowing – so you can really hear/sense and invite wants to emerge

Deepen your understanding of your embodied presence and tap into your sensing and body intelligence, to better navigate change, and to collectively create a healthier & more sustainable ecosystem
Wisdom Retreat - 2023

This is perfect timing for you if you are (or the wider system is) entering a phase of transition - you may be...

– Contemplating your leadership for the next phase of the journey

– Preparing for a step change into new territory

– Making significant decisions from a whole life perspective

– Relishing the opportunity to step back, evaluate and make some informed choices

Wisdom Retreat - 2 - 2023__w

We’ll start by gathering for lunch (approx. 1pm) on 26th September and will complete early afternoon on 28th September.


Early Bird Price


($2700 Standard)

26th - 28th Septempber 2023

$400 deposit required by 30th April

Prices are all inclusive of:

We’ll each have a comfortable tent to be on the land.

All food and refreshments are provided and we will be able to cater for all requirements.

A full and in depth 1:1 call to find out more about you, your business and what you expect to get from the retreat.

Post event call to evaluate the retreat as  a group and set ongoing intentions as a group.

If you'd like to talk this through - please contact us below:

Tess Cope - The Transformation Agency

Tess Cope is the founder of The Transformation Agency – an organisation that was established in 2010 and ignited from a passion of enabling clients to harness their highest potential.
She believes that by working with the whole person, and the whole system, we can get to the root cause of what is needed to unlock potential and release sustainable performance in any context.
Tess’ has a broad business background that spans various sectors and includes Global & Board level responsibility. She has ‘walked the talk’ with commercial roles before finding her passion in the people agenda,
Tess works with senior leaders around the globe on the important dimensions of Leadership & Culture – it’s not unusual for her herd of horses show up as part of the coaching team.
The systemic approach is integrated throughout and her expertise is called upon to build capability with HR Directors, consultants & coaching practitioners across US, Europe and the UK.
Her first book, ‘HARNESS – a systemic approach guaranteed to revolutionise your coaching’ was published in December 2021, her second book (a co-authored project) is about Building Confidence, will be released at the end of March 2023, and her 3rd book, about working with Leadership teams is in the pipeline – scheduled to be published in September 2023.

Jackie Stevenson - Spirit of Leadership

Jackie Stevenson is the founder and CEO of Spirit of leadership LLC providing coaching, leadership and team building training and seminars for corporations and not-for-profit. Jackie teaches at Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management Executive Development Program, the School of Applied Social Sciences and the ICF Gestalt Institute of Cleveland Coaching Program. She is on the Weatherhead School of Management coaching staff and is a Board Certified Coach (BBC) She is a founder of wolf creek Women’s Wilderness program and the Spirit of Leadership Experiential Learning with Horses certificate program. 

Jackie’s work is unique to each client. The coaching process is grounded in well accepted practices and focuses on a strength based systemic approach of “What’s working” and “what needs to change” perspective. Incorporated in her coaching is the development of embodied leadership presence focusing on body language and the alignment of mission, goals and action. Jackie specializes in unique coaching sessions and leadership and team building retreats through experiential learning with horses and nature.